Soham Sankaran is not dead yet an arrogant bastard distinctly odd less funny than he thinks he is not dead yet

Soham Sankaran is the founder of PopVax, an Indian biotechnology company based in Hyderabad building a novel thermostable, low-cost, and safe second-generation mRNA platform for rationally-designed broadly-protective multi-epitope vaccines (we're hiring!).

He dropped out of the PhD program in the Computer Science department at Cornell. He previously did sociology research at the Human Nature Lab, part of the Yale Institute for Network Science. He sometimes builds robots. Other times he codes. When those two things prove too frustrating, which is often, he writes.

When he can't muster the will to pick up the pen, and it's getting pretty late, he chugs a couple of diet cokes and does stand-up comedy on any stage fool enough to let him.

You can email him at the address soham [at] soh (dot) am.