does c.s. research, builds robots, codes, does stand-up, has a podcast & writes.

I'm Soham Sankaran, a first-year CS PhD Student at Cornell.

I work at the intersection of distributed systems and robotics, as well as on other random problems that catch my fancy.

I was previously an undergraduate at Yale.

Academic publications:

The FuzzyLog: A Partially Ordered Shared Log (OSDI 2018)

Joshua Lockerman, Jose Faleiro, Juno Kim, and Soham Sankaran (Yale University); Daniel J Abadi (University of Maryland); James Aspnes (Yale University); Siddhartha Sen (Microsoft Research); Mahesh Balakrishnan (Yale University / Facebook).

The FuzzyLog is a partially ordered shared log abstraction. Distributed applications can concurrently append to the partial order and play it back. FuzzyLog applications obtain the benefits of an underlying shared log – extracting strong consistency, durability, and failure atomicity in simple ways – without suffering from its drawbacks. By exposing a partial order, the FuzzyLog enables three key capabilities for applications: linear scaling for throughput and capacity (without sacrificing atomicity), weaker consistency guarantees, and tolerance to network partitions.